I have a stage in my design discovery phase called “The Gut Test”.

How it works is once I know the general design style my client likes, I put together a list of around 15 websites in the same niche with varying design styles.

The client then goes onto each site for a couple minutes and scores the site out of 10 of how happy they’d be if that site was their own, and then we build a unique design around their favourites.

It takes me a while to find these collections of websites as I like to find the best deigns out there to inspire my clients.

While working with a business coach client recently I realised that I had spent all this time creating collections of amazing websites from different industries, which after using them for my clients needs, did nothing else with!

So I’ve decided from now I’m going to start posting these collections to help inspire others with the amazing work I’ve found.

As you can probably guess from the title, this collection is all about business coach website inspiration.

Here are 10 of my favourites.

1. Tamsen Webster

Link: https://tamsenwebster.com/

2. Cortney Mcdermott

Link: https://www.cortneymcdermott.com/

3. Joseph Michelli

Link: https://www.josephmichelli.com/

4. Kelsey Chapman

Link: https://kelseychapman.com/

5. Suzanne Silver

Link: https://suzanne-silver.com/

6. Nataly

Link: http://nataly.melbourne/

7. Astrid Teigaas

Link: https://astridteigaas.com/

8. Karl Bryan

Link: https://karlbryan.com/

9. Betty Kempa

Link: http://bettykempa.com/

10. Justin Patton

Link: https://www.justinpatton.com/

Did I miss any of your favourite business coach websites? Comment below and I’ll take a look!