The “Grunt Test” is a quick and powerful way to evaluate your website, created by Donald Miller, the founder of StoryBrand.

It get’s it’s name from the idea that if you showed your website to a caveman, could they “grunt” exactly what you do just by looking at the homepage?

If they can’t then you’re likely losing money.

Peoples attention spans are so short now if they can’t figure out what you do quickly they’ll likely leave your website and move onto the next search result in Google.

To conduct the Grunt test on your own website, show someone your website for FIVE seconds, then close your laptop and ask the following three questions:

1. What does my business offer?
2. How will it make your life better?
3. What do you need to do to buy or get started?

If your website visitors can’t easily answer those 3 questions after 5 seconds, I guarantee you’re losing business.

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