I’ve put together my first free divi template!

Checkout the demo →

I used a SaaS company as the niche for the template, but it could be used as a landing page for a lot of different industries.

I wanted to create a template which couldn’t be achieved with just the Divi builder, but was also easy for people to update who used the template.

All the animations are using pure CSS, so no Javascript! I’ve annotated all the CSS so it’s clear what does what.

You can download the template from the slide-out form on the demo.

What’s included:

The layout download includes everything on the page, including all the CSS animations.

Once you download the template you’ll need to move the CSS from the code module to your custom CSS.

The menu and pop-out email sign-up form are not included, but I’ll be releasing tutorials on both soon!


You are free to use the layout on both commercial and personal project, without attribution!

All assets are from Unsplash and Elegant themes and are also free to use for both commercial and personal projects.

Template Preview: