Changing the color of the footer social icons in Divi is simple to do using the Theme Customiser. However, it only lets you choose the same color for all social icons.

Here’s a simple CSS fix that will let you pick out the colors of each social icon independently.

Add the code below into your child theme style.css (or the custom css tab of your Divi Theme Options), and it will change the icons to be the official color related to each social platform:

#footer-bottom .et-social-facebook a {
color: #3b5998;

#footer-bottom .et-social-twitter a {
color: #4099FF;

#footer-bottom .et-social-google-plus a {
color: #d34836;

To change the icons to different colors, all you need to do is change the color hex (e.g. #3b5998) to which ever color you’d like.

If you’re not sure which color hex you’d like to use there’s a couple ways you can find the right color:

  1. Use W3 School’s color hex pixer
  2. If you’ve seen a color you like on another website, you can download ColorPick Eye Dropper chrome extension to find the color hex directly in your browser.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below!