I’ve set myself the challenge this year to create at least one blog post per month. The problem is however, I’m not a writer. Not even a little bit.

So to achieve this goal I’ve had to think up some different ways I can create content, that people will find useful, without having to write too much.

I spend a lot of my time admiring and getting inspiration from the amazing work other web designers do. All the sites I like I save to my bookmarks, usually never to be looked at again.

So I thought instead of keeping all these amazing websites to myself, I could instead share them and hopefully inspire others.

Each month I’ll be putting together a list of my favourite websites I’ve found that month.

As this is the first month I thought it’d be nice to start of with a themed post: Crypto currency websites.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been a bit obsesses with crypto currencies, and blockchain as a whole recently. But not for the reasons you might think. After visiting a few of these websites I started to see a trend in the incredible designs of the websites.

Here a few of my favourites.

1. Bloom

2. Bounty0x

3. CryptoKitties

4. Populous

5. CoinAPI

6. Status

7. Brickblock

8. Streamr

9. Salt

10. BitBay

11. 0x Protocol

12. Ark