Most successful projects start with a solid plan, and a web design project is no different.

When I’m working on a clients website my discovery process is split into two stages:

Firstly I’ll research their competitors to see what they’re doing well, what they’re not doing so well, and how we can stand out.

Once I’ve researched their close competitors, I’ll then broaden my search to see how others in the industry (and other similar industries) stand out from the crowd.

Doing this isn’t always as simple as just googling “Best [indudstry] website designs”. This often leads to some old list style posts with dated websites. Not very helpful.

Instead, I have some go-to websites which are constantly updated with the latest design trends.

Here are my favourite 10:

From here I’ll put together around 15 of my favourite designs to present to the client and see which trend/style is their favourite. This is an extra step I’ve added to my process recently which I’ve found really improves the end result and makes the chance of getting the first draft right much higher.

Did I miss any? Comment below you’re favourites so I can check them out!

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